I love to paint on anything that does not move.

I used to paint and make items for my family and friends in Texas and Upstate New York. Then I moved back home to Upstate New York and everything I gave as gifts people would tell me that I should have my own business. Some friends of mine told me about esty, I started small with my hand painted christmas ornaments. Then I started doing custom work on the ornaments of people homes,children and pets. But that was just doing too much of the same stuff so I came up with the idea one night in a dream about my hand beaded camis. I would put jewelry on camisoles.. OHHH I love to do it. You just need to buy more so I can make more. lol.....
Always trying to improve on something: now I am striving to make interchangeable jewelry for the camis so you can pick and choose what you want to wear on the cami of the day. That is still to come.
I am busy now with hand painted sneakers and shoes and have lots of custom orders now to fill. Thank you all for all your support in favorites and following my shop it is a real boost to my spirits. God watches over me and keeps me going as I am disabled with a bad back and other things we won't go into.
But my love of the lord and his love in me wants to please as many people as I can meet. So If you want anything hand painted I'm your gal. I would love to do work for you.
please visit my shop often as I am always working on something new. Good things come to those who love the lord. That is what my grandma always told me and I'm living proof that it's true.
You'll find my items are not the most expensive or the cheapest maybe, but I put alot of love and attention to detail in them. I''m NOT here to make a bucket of money off you. I love to do what I do and I just want enough to cover expenses so I can keep doing it God willing for as long as I can physically.
So hit me up for a conversation I would love to talk to you. I don't know much about how to get around this big wild web that we live in now. But I can convo with you, send me a Hello and I'll Hello you back that's for sure.

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